March 27th, 2013

Ok, we all get it; you don’t like the anadromous streams protection ordinance.

Since the expansion of the controversial habitat protection ordinance by the borough assembly, a small but vocal group of residents have been commenting on the borough’s “outright” land grab.

But do you know what I don’t like? Wasting tax payer money and time that could be used by the mayor’s office to actually do the work of the local government.

Why do the wants and demands of one vocal group outrank everything else?

What exactly am I talking about? Assembly member Kelly Wolf’s continued attempts to introduce legislation to repeal the anadromous stream ordinance.

I’m not here to comment on the worthiness of the streams ordinance, but to call attention to following though with the process that was started 9-months ago.

I’d be willing to bet that the same groups who are containing to tout the “will of the people” are the same who would align themselves as concerned taxpayers, but why aren’t they that concerned with 9-months of time, salaries, and effort put into by the borough’s administration and volunteer efforts that would be essentially wasted.

Well, the task force process created last July may not be perfect; however, what’s wrong by letting that process end, which would include legislation being brought back to the borough assembly any way, instead of forcing one sided legislation through, just to include the word repeal?

The amendments to the ordinance developed by the task force, as best as I can interpret, will bring the whole process back to the beginning, including increased public notification, full listing of all affected water bodies, and so on and so on….the same thing that would be happen if the ordinance itself is repealed, because with the representative form of government, there is a good change that another member of the assembly will bring such legislation back anyway.

So why waste 9-months of taxpayer time and money, just to come to the same conclusion anyway?


Think about it!

AMR 3/27/13

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