Man Mauled by Kasilof Bear Discusses Incident

As we reported, the Alaska State Troopers this Sunday were called to a bear mauling in Kasilof.  Local Bird enthusiast Toby Burke said that he tried to use his telescope tripod as a lance, but the bear snapped it in two. Burke says he was wearing a thick jacket – so he’s only got scrapes and bruises.


Burke: “And then it was just … me … between the bear and the family. So all I could do was place my arm up in front of me and then the bear clamped down on my forearm.”


Burke was at the Kasilof beach with his wife, two kids and 7-month old baby who are all fine. Burke said that they’ve all learned their lesson


Burke: “Even when you think you’re safe, sometimes you’re not safe. You know, take your bear spray with you.”

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