Man Jailed For Ramming Vehicle After Trespassing

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 6:02 pm

A 78-year-old Soldotna man was jailed on Monday after allegedly ramming a Toyota 4Runner driven by juveniles, which had been trespassing on his property. Megan Peters with the Alaska State Troopers explained…


Peters: “There was an incident going on across the highway from where the Duck Inn is off of K-Beach Rd, about Mile 18.5. It looked like one vehicle rammed into another vehicle and then an assault took place on the side of the road. Troopers were called and we responded as a result of that contact. A man by the name of Edwin Saltz, age 78, he was taken into custody and charged with various assault charges against him.”


Saltz reportedly caused $500 in damage to the 4Runner and afterwards confronted the juveniles, pulling the hair of the driver. He was charged with three counts of Assault in the third degree, Criminal Mischief in the third degree, and Assault in the fourth degree and remanded to Wildwood.

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30 Comments to “Man Jailed For Ramming Vehicle After Trespassing”

  • Tim says:

    What happened to the trespassing punks? Stay off of property that doesn’t belong to you unless you have permission.

  • Pete says:

    I bet they don’t go back on his property!!!

  • Steve says:

    Good for him! If the parents would take care of this BS when these brats were kids this wouldn’t happen

  • chris says:

    I dont see why they took the old man to jail the kids are lucky they didnt get shot

  • anonymous says:

    He was probably fed up with all the trespassing I would guess, he should sue all the trespassers for vandalism and property damage!!

  • GH says:

    Good for the man I applauded u, these kids and I can call them worst was on his property, the cops needed tt take these punks to jail or juvenile for 60 days.THIS TOWN the cops I don’t trust and don’t want noting to do with them good for you.

  • Tony says:

    Wrong person hauled off. Parents, teach your kids respect.

  • Treesa says:

    I don’t blame the old guy for getting mad at those punks, and I wonder if they were charged with trespassing or property damage.

  • Bill and Samon Arnold says:

    The “SS Troopers” in action arresting the 78 year old. That’s how the SS Troopers view property rights of the public!

  • Bill and Samon Arnold says:

    Correction above:
    “SS Storm Troopers”

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Ya, that’s what a person gets for defending their property…. call the cops and they will let the trespassers go free and jail you the property owner. Our legal system is broken and no one is accountable and when we defend our land and home they jail us…..did they need their $280,000 vehicle to protect the arresting Troopers from this 78 old man? The Punks are protected by LAW!

  • Jeff says:

    I would like to hear the other side of the story, as nothing is mentioned about the so called juveniles in question here on what they did (except trespassing) or said to Mr. Saltz. I live in the area and the last few years we have been overrun with kids driving four wheelers up and down the roads a high rates of speed and driving regular vehicles too fast as well. They do not have any respect for others and think they can do anything they want and why not if they are not being held responsible for their actions? Mr. Saltz may have had every right to do what he did, but in the end gets put in jail instead!

  • Catie Quinn says:

    In case it is not clear in the story, please note that Saltz followed the vehicle off his property and made contact on the side of the highway, on public land.

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Ms. Quinn, Please interview Mr. Saltz before you comment further…you mite change your mind about the apprehension of these criminals whether on public land or private. As for ramming their car the Troopers do this kind of actions all the time when in hot pursuit. As for the AK corporate Troopers they don’t have a obligation to protect private property! If the borough had a elected Marshal Mr. Saltz would of fixed this trespass issue long ago!!!!

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    One more thing Ms. Quinn, theses criminals probably where destroying Public lands also and have been doing it for ever without any action taken against them! Please report on that!!!!

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    If I may comment further about the takings of or protect of private property by our Corporate Governments. When it comes to taxing us they are right on top of it but they do nothing but steal our development rights in any form or action they so desire without just compensation…. Report that also…..Maybe that’s common practice in New Zealand or Australia!! Surly there’s nothing new to report there….

  • Jim says:

    If Mr. Saltz is guilty of ramming the vehicle and pulling a kid’s hair, ie physically assaulting them, then it would be justified to arrest him. While we do have a right to protect our property, I just don’t see that the actions taken by Mr. Saltz would be justified if the kids were simply trying to get away from him. Those of us who have lived on the peninsula and who pay attention to documented events, know of instances when an individual Trooper’s judgement was bad and cases where the state does take action that violates an individual’s rights. I’m just not sure that this was one of them. If Mr. Saltz was justified in his action he should have his day in court and I would hope that if the Trooper was wrong that he should pay for his crime, if that is the case, although I’m not holding my breath waiting for Trooper accountability.

  • Winnie says:

    GOOD FOR MR. SALTZ! What about the punks? Hope more people start chasing down little trespassers who think they’re above the law and can do what ever they want to whose ever property and run across the property line laughing. And Where were the parents who raised these little punks?

  • KenaiCoho says:

    Good for Mr. Saltz. He did what every property owner along this stretch of road has wanted to do for years. I hope I get called to be on the jury…………I’ll vote for giving him a medal.

  • Samble says:

    Mr. Saltz as far as I’m concerned is nothing more than a grumpy old man. I hope he gets a little jail time for being such a hot headed idiot. Someone drove acrossed his property? Boohoo. Doesn’t mean you chase them down and assault them. You all are the moronic idiots that make conservative/ personal rights advocates look bad.

    Chris quote “lucky they didn’t get shot” are you retarded? Human life has a value higher than driving across someone’s land. they trespassed. They didn’t rape/murder/burglarize. Get your head screwed on straight. People like you are what make me question the sanity of this world.

  • Joe Mitchell says:

    Think of all the money we could save if we just abolished our courts and legalized vehicular-retaliation. This Mr. Saltz is way ahead of his time. If only the parents of these punks were driving their minivans into their PowerWheels and pulling their hair while they were toddlers, maybe they would have grown up with some level of respect.

  • Steve says:

    7/9/13 I have turned into MY DAD ! Once upon a Time I tolerated Snow Machines, 4-Wheelers, Dirt Bikes across my property & all hours of the day & night. A extremely LOUD Snow Machine within 3 feet of your bedroom window at 3:00am in the early morning tends to really ruin your day. Then when that happens day & after day the situation goes from a local aggrevation to a sincerely serious situation. I can understand how this Man Lost Control. Yes he was wrong to attack the teenagers BUT the teenagers are the source of the problem & NOT the HomeOwner. IF the State Troopers would follow thru & arrest these teenagers then maybe just maybe that would stop the problem. & local HomeOwners would not be attacking teenagers. SPW

  • Steve says:

    7/10/13 Yes I was forced to install one of those Butt UGLY Orange Safety Fences on my property to stop the trespassing 4-wheelers & Snow Machines. Along with Digital Cameras to indentify the trespassers. That has Worked So Far, No more Trespassing the past Winter or this Summer 2013. SPW NorthEchoLakeRd Soldotna

  • Race says:

    I was the driver of this vehicle. It was a legal of road buggy with no tittle an not registered. I was driving along the trail. I went across the easement which is state property. It was legal for me. Also no trespassing signs and I’ve been driving through there my whole life on motorcycles Atvs and snowmobiles. But the first time I go across in my buggy he rams me making me almost lose control harming me and my other two friends who all just turned 15 years old. Simply driving across the easement not harming anyone or anything. Going 20mph tops. So before more people go so quick to judge us please think about the other side of the story. I wouldn’t say we are “punks” for doing what any kid does. Having fun driving around. Basically like driving a razr or rhino. On state property with no signs of trespassing or anything. Not riding on it either just driving across it. So please think twice before you call kids “punks” or anything bad. Thanks.

  • Kimber says:

    I’m saddened by the line of comments here. There really is no excuse for ramming somebody with a 6000 pound Chevy. Nor is there any excuse for walking up to someone’s vehicle and as they roll the window down to see what is going on grabbing their hair and trying to pull them out the window particularly a minor. These are good boys that play sports and are respectful with decent grades nor have they ever been in trouble with the law. The driver turned 15 a month ago. He’s truly still a boy and didn’t deserve the abuse and terror that they went through. They were truly terrified. They were not doing brodies on this mans lawn. They were simply crossing in front of his house via the Kenai Peninsula Borough Easement. In fact Mr. Saltz’ equipment I believe is on said easement and the boys were between that and the hywy. It is unproven that they were on his property. This is simply Mr. Saltz statement. He also said that they had been speeding by his property in this vehicle for 2 weeks. I live and work on K-Beach and live on the bike path and I have never in my life seen this vehicle on K-Beach until the boy purchased it 36 hours prior to this incident. That’s a fact with a bill of sale to prove it. So if he’s making a false statement about the truck trespassing for 2 weeks maybe they really were on the easement and the old guy lost It because he was sick of all the traffic in front of his house???? Hundreds of ATVs cross that easement across from Ak Cab a day. This was no different. They crossed and the next thing they know they are getting rammed and assaulted. They weren’t running from him because they didn’t even see him coming. Possibly that was a good thing. Had they seen him bearing down on them they may have got scared and ran and rammed a tree and caused major bodily harm or hit someone else on the trails. Then what would you say had somebody gotten killed because of this old mans recklessness? Why didn’t he just call the cops? Your arguments about the “Punks” are not valid. They were not doing anything out of the ordinary that atvs/side by sides/ motorcycles don’t do all day long on K-Beach easements. I am appreciative of those of you who realized that there may in fact be another side of the story plus the fact that you can’t just go around ramming people in a vehicle. In case you didn’t realize that is a Felony offense and should be taken seriously. To say Good for the Old man is a very sad thing to say. Someone could have been killed and that is in fact why it is a felony charge. And that is the other side of the story.

  • Anonymous says:

    For all the people posting their opinions with complete ignorance of the situation…
    Why don’t you educate yourselves a little first instead of attacking these boys?
    I would suggest you start with the public records on “the little old man” , Mr. Ed Saltz.

    Some who know this person could very easily say that he has been a hot headed tyrant for many many years! Being old is no excuse. Just because your 78 does not make you a good, decent or reasonable person!

  • Steve says:

    7/10/13 If You wish to ride your 4-wheeler or dirt bike & destory everything that you touch ?
    Then PURCHASE the LAND then play in the MUD ALL THAT YOU WISH.
    Being the Owner of a 4-wheeler or dirt bike does NOT give you the right to tear up & destory Public Land or easements.
    You want to Play ? then purchase the land & create your very own playground. SPW

  • Race says:

    Actually it does give you the right. It’s 100% legal to drive on the easements. So you need to learn what your taking about Steve. You obviously have no idea.

  • Kimber says:

    Last I heard easements weren’t for sale. If you don’t wish to see atvs and the like running up and down K-Beach easements maybe town would be a better spot for you. Why are you being so unreasonable? Kids and adults have ran up and down K-beach since there was a K-Beach. They are not tearing up anything but weeds. Plus the kid is right, it is legal. So, maybe your argument would better served at a borough meeting so that you could try to get K-Beach shut down to ATV’s. I don’t understand your line of thought. Nobody has destroyed anything. Your assuming that somebody is destroying something and you would be wrong. What happened to you to become such a stick in the mud? One of the many reasons people live on K-Beach is because they like having the ability to ride their 4 wheelers and such unlike living in town. Although, obviously their are youngsters and adults alike that may do all of the things you are suggesting this is not the case in this situation and instead of being mean and insulting these kids because of some bad apples why not admit you had know idea of this particular situation and you went off half-cocked and are trying to pen dastardly deeds on these kids who really didn’t deserve what they got from some unhinged man. And please don’t get me started. Until you look up his record on Alaska court systems website and Then flit over to the borough website and check out who the real trespasser is. Saltz has his equipment on the easements as well as vans on a borough dedicated road and not to mention his runway is also a borough dedicated road. So quit acting like this was justified because it was not and someone could have been badly hurt or killed and you are acting like these boys may have deserved it because “people destroy and vandalize everthing they touch”. Really? That’s your stance?

  • Steve says:

    7/11/13 Please refer to the statement from HEA today. No it is not legal to ride 4-wheelers & dirt bikes on the easements or on public roads & highways. That is HEA Property & not public property.
    Once again, You wanna go Play in the Mud then PURCHASE the LAND & go play all that You wish. SPW