Majority of Power Restored Following Christmas Snow

Crews with Homer Electric Association were kept busy Christmas Day responding to scattered outages affected by heavy snowfall. We got an update this morning from HEA’s Joe Gallagher..


Gallagher: “Christmas Day brought real heavy snow load to the Kenai Peninsula, and HEA crews were out in the field all day, and most of the evening and into the early morning hours restoring power. As of about 7:00 o’clock this morning, most everybody who experienced power outage had their power back. We do have crews in Anchor Point, a small outage in Anchor Point right now, as well as, a small outage in the Niksiki area on Sunset Ave. that’s affecting a few homes. But other than that, we were able to by about 3:30 this morning, have most everybody back with electricity after that snow storm.”


Gallagher told us that the largest outage is in the Seldovia area where power remains out along Jakolof Bay Road to Big Tutka Bay.   HEA crews were able to get to the Seldovia area on Tuesday, but the heavy snowfall prevented the crew from being able to patrol the entire line and make the repairs needed to safely energize the line between the generation plant and Big Tutka Bay.  The crew will return to the area on Wednesday morning to continue the restoration work.

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