Major Emergency Drill Today in Kenai

A major plane crash drill will be conducted today at the Kenai Airport, testing the response plans of local emergency agencies.


Kenai Fire Department Battalion Chief Tony Prior…


Prior: “So you might be seeing some mutual aid agencies of Central Emergency Services and Nikiski Fire Department as well as ours respond and possibly through town. And you might see the ambulances going towards the hospital, because we do a full-scale drill that basically lets us know how our emergency plan is working, if there’s things that we need to adjust, revamp, we do it, but we do this to make sure we’re prepared in case there is a major airplane crash.


The drill will be held from 3pm to 6pm. Prior said they’re also including local college and high school students, who will play the victims…


Prior: “And they’ve been a great asset for us. And we just bring them in and moulage them up so that they’ll have simulated injuries and then our guys go through a couple different programs that we do, one is called the START Triage, which they go through a rapid assessment of patients on scene to classify which ones are not so hurt, kind of medium, and then major ones.”


Prior said they choose students who have an interest in paramedic studies, to help them prepare for future careers.

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