MACC Says: Oil Companies Likely to Ramp Up Production By 2015

Former Speaker of the State House Gail Phillips said her job description with the Make Alaska Competitive¬†Coalition has changed dramatically with the passage of SB 21. The Former Speaker has been campaigning for a new oil tax structure for three years and said SB 21 will encourage production…


Fmr. Speaker Phillips: “It’s going to take them a ¬†year or so to go back to their Board of Directors and say, ‘Alaska has made this change, and now let’s look at Alaska again,’ because they quit doing new investments in Alaska the last couple years. So it’s going to take a change with their Board of Directors for funding, and I’m hopeful that within a year or so we’ll see something changing.”


Former Speaker Phillips said she’s already been hearing positive feedback.


Fmr. Speaker Phillips: “From Janet Weiss, she’s the new Alaska Regional Manager for BP, and she said, ‘This will turn things around. The passage of SB 21 will turn things around. Now I can go to my Corporate Board and say, “Alaska has changed and we need to start reinvesting in Alaska.”‘”

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