Lucky Stop For State Troopers

State Troopers performing a traffic stop recovered a stolen vehicle before it was reported this week. Homer Police Chief says the thief fled the scene, but the vehicle was returned safely…


Chief Robl: “On December 30th, at approximately 8:52pm, the owner of the vehicle called to report that it had been stolen from the parking lot of a local business. When our police officers started checking into it, they realized that an Alaska State Trooper had stopped that vehicle approximately  20 minutes before the caller noticed that it had been stolen. And when AST stopped the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle fled on foot.”


Chief Robl said the owner was pleased to have the car – a white 1986 Honda – returned so quickly, with a lesson learned…


Chief Robl: “Don’t leave your keys in your car.”


The keys were left unattended in the vehicle. The thief was not located.

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