Low Solstice Turnout Warrants Changes for Festival

Despite higher support, the Diamond M Ranch Solstice Festival saw a low turnout last weekend meaning changes for the 4H fundraiser next year.


4-H & Youth Development Agent Jason Floyd who organizes the annual event detailed low turnout.


Floyd: “We definitely had less, we had probably half as many people but we had probably four times as much support this year.”


He said supporters like Christian Motorcycle Association who volunteered to do the parking helped because that portion usually takes up 80% of their volunteers.


Nevertheless, Floyd said that the board had a meeting last night to discuss the things that worked with the festival and those that didn’t.


Floyd: “We looked at it and there will definitely be a change in the model, it may not be called the summer solstice music festival I think really at the end of the day what hurt us most is having to compete with all the other festivals that happened on that particular weekend and so we’re considering potentially if we do the festival again, of moving it to a weekend that doesn’t have any other festivals traditionally scheduled.”


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  1. Jen 25 June, 2014, 14:03

    It was pouring rain so we didnt go, plus $10 parking was a bit much

  2. Joyce 25 June, 2014, 18:58

    I believe this would be a VERY wise move. There are just WAY too many to compete with on this day. I also would say to advertise much more on Facebook in groups to get vendors and to get people. What you had looked good, but it needs more exposure and earlier.

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