Lost Male Dog

Posted: April 2, 2014 at 11:00 am

Panoramic towards Sterling 4/2/14

Black and White Boston Terrier. His name is Oscar. Lost around Panoramic/Lou Morgan area.

Dinah Mahan




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One Comment to “Lost Male Dog”

  • Kiya says:

    At around 5p on 4/2 I saw a dog that I think is yours running through my yard, it was black and white, looked like a boston terrier, and had a collar (I think it was blue.) I went outside to see if it would come to me, but it was out of sight by the time I got outside. I live down Grandview in Sterling, across from Suzie’s Cafe, next to the weigh station. If I see him again I’ll try calling for him and see if he’ll come to me.