Lord Baranof SAD Decision Made

During last night’s Soldotna City Council meeting, a decision was made pertaining to the Lord Baranof Street Special Assessment District.


After the council listened to public testimony and discussed the process in which a Special Assessment District is created, the council unanimously voted to deny the district with plans to discuss the ordinance at a later date under a public works project.


Cm. Baxter: “Tonight the Council voted unanimously not to move forward with that Special Assessment District and we’re going to have the city come back to us with some different numbers, looking at maybe addressing that portion of road just with the drainage issues addresses and with pavement and with sidewalks and lights so we could look at lesser improvements or greater improvements, but the main thing being we are interesting in looking at it as a public works project.”


As a public works project, the City would cover the cost of the entire project.


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