Local Troopers Pleased with First Year of Citizens Academy

The Alaska State Troopers are holding their first citizens academy on the Kenai Peninsula. We recently checked in with State Trooper Captain Andy Greenstreet, and asked how the local program is going


Capt. Greenstreet: “Well, you know, our citizens academy is going really well. Last Wednesday, we met for the second time in the program and we’re off to a really good start, as you know, it’s an eleven week program, we’re into our second week of meeting every Wednesday night at the Emergency Response Center in Soldotna. We have about 24 in attendance, we’re off to a good start.”


We also asked what the end goal for the program is


Capt. Greenstreet: “It’s community outreach, it’s to let people know more about their Alaska State Troopers, and what it is that we do, and why we do it the way we do. It’s a program for better understanding.”

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