Local Troopers Discuss Uses for Armed Vehicles in Local Area

Posted: March 25, 2013 at 8:03 am

Alaska State Troopers recently purchased three military-style armed vehicles called BearCats.

The vehicles, built by Lenco Armored Vehicles of Pittsfield, Mass., are going to be stationed around the state with one in Soldotna, one in Fairbanks, and one in Palmer.

We spoke to State Trooper Capitan Andy Greenstreet with the local trooper post, about how the BearCat will be used on the Kenai Peninsula..


Capt. Greenstreet: “Well, it will be used primarily by our S.E.R.T. [Special Emergency Response] team; it will be utilized to respond to situations that dictate an elevated response to ensure officer safety and safety to citizens. It allows get in a little closer to where the incident may be occurring, while still being able to maintain a degree of safety.”


State Troopers chose the BearCat because the $286,000 armored truck can safely get personnel into and rescue people out of dangerous situations.

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8 Comments to “Local Troopers Discuss Uses for Armed Vehicles in Local Area”

  • Ed says:

    This is the tip of the Ice burg, and the camels nose in the tent…. big brother is coming and it will get worse!!! To Serve and Protect??????Whom

  • A Mom says:

    I agree Ed. This is only the beginning……….

  • me says:

    What a waste of money. Did Dumbland Security shove these down AST’s pocket? Or did JunKnow pay for these?

  • Alexi says:

    Gonna look good in the next parade! We have so many incidents of barricaded crazy’s we need this. With upkeep and expenses it’s a proverbial boat, just a hole to throw money in. Someone has been watching to much “Alaska State Troopers”

  • Tim says:

    They will justify using it and needing more people at the post. Just wait to see it used the first time. I agree we do not need this armed vehicle in this area. Get ready Nikiski!!

  • Mike says:

    If it saves one life that it’s worth the money.

  • A Mom says:

    Saw this new rig in Soldotna this morning. What a waste!

  • strychnine says:

    I’m sure all you bashers would appreciate such a vehicle if your neighbor was involved in a shoot out with police and your kids were held at school on lockdown until the issue was resolved. You have no idea how frequently people on the peninsula go crazy. I suppose you’d rather pay a dead cops salary than ensure their safety and that of your children and neighbors. What a bunch of paranoid idiots!