Local Teens Invested in Kick Butts Day

Peninsula teens are taking responsibility for the health of their communities in a variety of ways, including National Kick Butts Day. Pam Howard with the Peninsula Smokefree Partnership…


Howard: “They just want people to be aware that, it’s nothing about them – the person themself that’s a smoker – it’s just about the clean indoor air that they would like to have the right to breathe.”


March 20 is the official Kick Butts day…


Howard: “That’s when the teens will have their tables up at lunchtime, trying to solicit support, and we also have the Quit Kits, if people have seen all this information and they say, ‘Yes, it is time.’ A lot of kids go home and tell their parents, ‘You know, there is a Quitline number,’ and they try to get their parent to quit by telling them, ‘Call 1800-QUIT-NOW,’ and they can get free tobacco replacement therapy like patches and nicorette gum, that type of thing.”

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