Local Teacher Recognized for Four Decades of Service

Senator Cathy Giessel will be visiting the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce tomorrow to present a legislative citation to a local teacher. Nikiski High School teacher Bob Bird said he’s taught for almost four decades…


Bird: “Absolutely nothing. Senator Giessel asked that I show up to the Soldotna Chamber and I presume when a person has finished 39 years of teaching that people are going to say nice things about you and I’m very grateful.”


Mr. Bird said he’ll be scaling back his teaching load next year…


Bird: “Well I intend to teach next year on a part-time basis, perhaps as a semiretired teacher and perhaps as a home school tutor and I will be exploring those possibilities in the very near future. I think God made me a teacher and I still have my mind and my body in fairly good shape and I intend to use it for the purposes that God made me.”

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