Local Retiree Reports Phone Scam

As we previously reported, phone scams have recently been reported across Alaska. Soldotna retiree Manfred Marsh reported that he recently received a suspicious phone call.


Marsh: “Well they said that I just won three hundred and some thousand dollars or whatever and a new automobile and I said oh well what’s it going to cost me and they said that they were in Wasilla and I was going to have to go to a Fred Meyer store and get some kind of a cash card or something.” 


Marsh said they asked him to get about $300 on the card but due to the suspicious nature of the call he told them there was no local Fred Meyer, to which the person asked him to call back when he got the money from the Wasilla Fred Meyer.


Marsh: “So he gave me this 1-876-812-0168 to call back when I got the money for him and that’s what showed up on my phone also but that’s from Jamaica.” 


Marsh did not send any money and did not phone the individual back.


Similar scams have been reported in other states also targeting fixed income or retired individuals.

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