Local Guides Association Holding Wounded Warriors Fishing Trip This Week

Each year, the  Kenai River Professional Guides Association organizes the a fishing trip for wounded warriors. Dave Goggia, President of the Guides Association told us that they’re planning for the annual fishing trip this Thursday and Friday..


Goggia: “Every year we contract with Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright, to bring down, last couple years it’s been 125 guys, and it will be the same this year, 125 and some support staff, so we’ll have over 130 guys coming down from Fort Wainwright and JBER now.”


He also said the local guides are looking for those who’d like to lend a helping hand…


Goggia: “Yeah, its such a big event, we need lots of volunteers for help here and there with the different meals, and getting them on and off boats, and getting all the lunches on and off boats.”


Dave Goggia can be reached at 907-252-3503 or dave@ HookyCharters.com

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