Local Foods Celebrated, Marked for September

Harvest moons aren’t a common topic at Borough Assembly meetings, but last night Borough Mayor Mike Navarre proclaimed Sept 16-22 Harvest Moon Local Foods Week…


KPB. Mayor Navarre: “And whereas Harvest Moon Local Foods Week celebrates the farmers, gardeners, farmer’s markets, fishermen, processors, grocers, restaurants, small businesses, and non-profit organizations that make our community a better place to live…”


Linda Swarner, Executive Director of the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank, shared several reasons why local foods are important to the community…


Swarner: “Local foods support your local economy. Money spent from local farmers, growers and fishermen and processors and locally-owned purveyors and restaurants all stays close to home, working to build your local economy, instead of being handed over to a corporation in another city, state or country.”

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