Local Fisherman Pack the Sports Center to Discuss King Closures

The Local Fish and Game Advisory Committee met last night in the City of Soldotna to discuss early run King Salmon management, the wake the announcement that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, yesterday, restricted the early run fishery to a catch and release trophy fishery. In attendance of last night’s meeting as State Senator Peter Micciche of Soldotna;


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “ Primarily the meeting was focused around the emergency orders that were issued yesterday for closures on the Kenai. Big concern for folks, as you know, last year the setnetters were adversely affected, this year the guides, and sports fishermen and business owners were gearing up for this season, bad news to everyone, for a closure that is not taking advantage of in season data, that’s not yet available, of course, since the run hasn’t started. It was an interesting meeting, and one of the few that I’ve attended where the group was united. There were setnetters, drifters, guides, sports fishermen, and business owners that were largely united.”


The committee did move to write a letter to the Board of Fish, Department officials, the Governor, and the Legislature. As a member of the legislature, we asked Micciche about what can be done in Juneau on such issues…


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “I support that, I think that local pressure is incredibly important, I know I spent the day on the phone yesterday with the department trying to understand their logic for the closure. We all support fish first, you know it’s a difficult decision being that we don’t have any in season data at this point. What the letters do, what the pressure does, is it tells me that my constituents want me to keep the pressure on , understand these decisions, let the department know that the economic viably of our fisheries are imperative here.”

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