Local Drivers Being Impacted by Increasing Traffic

Posted: July 12, 2013 at 6:00 am

More and more vehicles are on the roads across the majority of the Central Kenai Peninsula, as the busy summer tourist season is in full swing. We talked to Sgt. Duane Kant with the Soldotna Police, who had some tips for drivers…


Sgt. Kant: “Just leave a few minutes early for wherever you’re trying to go. Traffic is going to pickup exponentially in the next few days, next few weeks, and it’s just going to take more time to get where you’re going. Just plan accordingly.”


Kant also advised drivers to not use the center merge lane for extended travel when merging into traffic.

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One Comment to “Local Drivers Being Impacted by Increasing Traffic”

  • Robin says:

    Yeah people don’t be driving slowly down the center trying to merge into traffic…have seen several people getting pulled over by troopers for that one. Thanks to the Local PD and the State Troopers!! Everyone have a safe fishing season. And keep eyes and ears on the road.