Local Couple Travels to Dave Ramsey Show for Debt Free Scream

A Soldotna couple traveled to the studios of  the Dave Ramsey Show in order to do their debt free scream after paying off their $125,000 in debt.


We spoke with the couple, who chose only to be identified as Kyle and Jen, before they left.


Jen: “We’re just really excited and happy that we’re able to finish the program and get our debt paid off so we wanted to go down and meet him, Dave Ramsey’s really inspiring to us, we want other young people to know that you can get out of debt and you don’t have to live with debt, student loans and car loans your whole life so we just wanted to kind of be an example and meet him.” 


On the show, Jen told Dave how they started his program.


Jen: “We weren’t at rock bottom but we were getting there, we were living paycheck to paycheck and we’ve been blessed with good incomes and it was all going to payments and we were about to get married and our house flooded and it was all overwhelming, how are we going to pay for all this. So I heard your radio show at work it was pretty inspiring and came home and asked my husband if he’d take ten minutes out of his day to listen to it so we could get on the same page before we got married.” 


When Dave asked about the dumbest purchase of their debt, Kyle responded…


Kyle: “The truck she bought when I went fishing.” 


Kyle an Jen’s entire appearance on the Dave Ramsey Show below.


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