Local Charity Officially Incorporated

A local charity which aims to help homeless youth has taken the next step. Krista Schooley, Founder of The Underground, said she found out just this week that The Underground has been incorporated. We spoke to Schooley yesterday…


Schooley: “Legally, there was a lot of stuff we could not do, we couldn’t take monetary donations. So I was pretty much just being a mom in the community, helping out kids with clothes. Kind of, helping where I could with kids. Now that we’re incorporated, we can actually go further. I’m still looking into the legalities of it, because I just found out last night.”


Schooley said they’ll now look into becoming a federally approved charity, which will enable them to receive tax deductible donations. In the meantime, she’s been helping homeless youth aged 18 and over. Recently, an 18-year-old female was taken in just a few hours after the call went out…


Schooley: “I’m just amazed at the community and the support that these kids are getting from the community. I mean, we had her set in a house within three hours after I found out she was homeless.”


For more, visit The Underground on Facebook.


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