Local Chainsaw Carvers Takes First And Second Place In Seldovia

The annual Seldovia Craft Invitational Chainsaw Carving Competition was held over the Labor Day weekend with two local carvers taking first and second place.

Kenai resident Derrick Stanton took first place in peoples choice and first place winnings of fantastic bragging rights as well as $3,000 cash, he explains his carving that he, along side his wife, created.


Stanton: “I carved a rock formation, it was hollowed out in the middle and there was an otter swimming through and right off the tip of his nose had a piece of kelp that held a fish that was getting away from him, it had a halibut and a couple puffins on top of the rock formation so it was kind of like above water transferring into under water.”


Sterling resident Scott Hanson also participated in the competition taking second place, he briefly explained his carving.


Hanson: “I did an eagle with its wings out, it had a fish in his claw and a river otter coming up underneath it.”


We asked Hanson if the competition between the two local carvers, was a friendly one.



Hanson: “Very friendly, we do all the ice carving around town and he was at my place for I think two years.”

Derrick Stanton’s first place carving.














Scott Hanson’s second place carving.

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