Local Business Will Offer Affordable Care Act Meetings for Veterans

Next week representatives from Peninsula Community Health Services will be traveling throughout the Kenai Peninsula to answer veteran’s questions about the Affordable Care Act.

Tina Wegener described whom the assemblies are geared towards.

Wegener: “We’re opening it up to the community members, anybody that has questions about their veteran’s benefits, anybody that has questions about Medicare benefits, Medicaid benefits. People that need to enroll into the Affordable Care Act, or people that need to be exempted for affordability reasons or for Alaska Native reasons, American Indian reasons, we’re going to be there to help them.”


She also said the meetings may broach topics people had not thought of.

Wegener:  “Veteran’s that may have questions, ‘Boy, do I need to do the Affordable Care Act? You know I have an injury and so it’s covered by the vets. I have…” There’s all kinds of different questions, different nuances that a lot of people are unaware of, they may not be covered just because they have access to the VA hospital.”


Wegener and associates are headed to three different towns next week.

“Monday, January 20, we’ll be at the Homer library from 10 – 2.  On Tuesday, January 21st, we’ll be at the Ninilchik Library from 11 – 4.  On Wednesday we’ll be at the Seward Library, from 1 PM to 4 PM.”



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