Local Boys And Girls Club “Take Our Kids Fishing”

Yesterday, the local boys and girls club had their annual “Take Our Kids Fishing” charter  on the Kenai River. It was put together by Tami Murray of the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce with KRPGA donating the trips and safe kids donating the use of life jackets.

We spoke with Boys And Girls Club Executive Director Heather Schloeman about the turn out yesterday.


Schloeman: “We had about 70 kids from several of our different club houses in addition to some kids from the community, a lot of them caught fish one boat came off and 3 kids caught kings one of them was actually a 60 pound king. This has been a great turn out the kids were excited we started off at 10:30 this morning at the club, we had kids safety and the watershed forum had activities here when we got here today, we all had lunch the guys had lunch and the kids were really excited to get on the boats.”


We also spoke to volunteer Val Early about the feedback of the kids that had the opportunity to get out on the river with the fishing guides.



Early:”16 boats were out today and we’ve had several fish come back in and several fish that were lost and several kings that were landed and released. The kids had a ball it doesn’t matter if all they do is run up and down the river they’re just happy to be out there and see everything. I help Tami with this every year she does a great job doing it so its easy to help her.”



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