Local Airman Returns From War

It’s been six months since Brad Nelson saw his family. Nelson returned today from a deployment to the Middle East with the Alaska Air National Guard. He surprised his son Lincoln at Soldotna Montessori…


Nelson: “This is my third time coming home, this is my first time with having kids though, so my perspective on coming home is different. Having kids changes everything. So I’m just very, very happy to be home.”


Nelson said his time overseas included 130 degree days, working on anti-terrorism activities and protecting the area.


Nelson: “You never know what’s going on, and not necessarily just from anti-American stuff that was going on, but there was internal struggles, religious things going on over there, so you had to be on your toe for anything that could happen at any moment.”


Pegge Erkeneff and schools Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater smuggled Nelson into the school – Brad crawled underneath the windows to avoid being seen by Lincoln…


Erkeneff: “You know, I walked in the building with Brad and his wife and saw the excitement on Brad’s face. He couldn’t wait to see his son. And I was standing in the office, and his son walked in and was quiet and then just said, ‘Daddy,’ and paused a minute, and then they hugged, and then I went out of the room at that point.”


You can see Erkeneff’s pictures of the reunion on the School District’s Facebook page.

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