Local Agencies Promoting Halloween Safety


With the large influx of traffic on the streets tonight, local law enforcement agencies are working to get the word out for both drivers and pedestrians to keep this Halloween safe. We spoke to Acting Soldotna Police Chief Rob Quelland…


Acting Chief Quelland: “With the influx of people coming in to Soldotna, it will be very crowed on the main streets, generally Kobuk and Redoubt is our main traveled areas. We ask people that are driving vehicles to be very cautious of kids or young adults that dart from house to house or cross the streets and not sue the crosswalks. We advise the kids to use some kind of lighting and to be careful and cautious of the vehicles, and to be respectful of people’s properties, use sidewalks, not cut across yards, or grass, or any fenced areas.”


It is also advised that young trick or treaters also have some form of reflective material incorporated into their costume as well.

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