LNG Project and ‘Small’ Gasline Incompatible?

Leslye Langla with the Department of Commerce says only in Alaska would a 36 inch pipeline be called a small gasline, but that’s how it’s been termed in the shadow of the Alaska LNG Project.


We asked Langla how the State is working on the 36″ line…


Langla: “They’re doing their supplemental environmental work as we speak. They’re looking at holding their open season first quarter of 2015, so they’re on track to determine the feasibility of that project through an open season process, and that should happen within the next year.”


We asked Langla if it’s likely both the LNG Project and the 36″ line would be built…


Langla: “It’s probably going to be one or the other. If that small pipeline, or the 36″ which we call a mega-project, does move forward, it will require more discussion among the producers, among the State, and TransCanada to try to get together to figure out. Right now, they’re both moving forward, and the in-state gasline is the state’s ace in the hole. If the large diameter line does not move forward, or the Alaska LNG Project does not move forward, then we have a small project (or a mega-project in all senses of the word) on the horizon that we could refer to to get people gas.”

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