Lincoln ‘Inexplicably Caught Fire’ at Kenai McDonalds

Two vehicles were consumed by flames yesterday evening around 6pm when a Lincoln MKS burst into flames in the parking lot of the Kenai McDonalds.


The Kenai Fire Department said the occupants of the Lincoln were still inside the vehicle when the fire began, the cause of the fire hasn’t been determined.


Marv Stommel’s GMC truck was parked next to the Lincoln, and was completely destroyed. Stommel had said he was inside the restaurant when he heard people shouting about a fire.


Stommel: “Her car inexplicably burst into flames and caught my truck on fire.”


The incident attracted a lot of public attention, but Stommel said he remained calm, despite the total loss of both vehicles.


Stommel: “Everyone’s safe, everybody reacted properly.”


The fire was quickly put out once firefighters arrived. No injuries were reported.

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