Lightning Storm Caused Widespread Outages

Homer Electric Association crews are almost done repairing transformers and fuses damaged by last night’s lightning storm.


Homer Electric’s Joe Gallagher…


Gallagher: “We had several outages, beginning about midnight and going on through the early morning hours. And basically, what happened was the lightning strikes created high voltage on the power lines and either ruined or blew a fuse on several transformers. So, we had crews out most of the early morning hours and throughout the day Friday, and as of late Friday afternoon, just a handful, about eight homes, are still without power, but the others that were affected – and we had about 1,000 homes that were affected for at least a little bit with an outage – they’re all back with power. So, it was an interesting evening.”


Gallagher said the largest outage occurred after midnight and left 758 homes between Skyview High School and the intersection of the Sterling Highway and K-Beach Road in Kasilof without power.  HEA crews restored  power to that area at approximately 5:30 Friday morning.


All power should be restored by the end of the day.

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