Library Fines Mount to Over $9,000

The City of Kenai has been reviewing some lingering financial issues, and a look at the community library paints a surprising picture. Finance Director Terry Eubank…


Eubank: “For just one year I think we’re about $9,000. And the majority of those fines are associated with things that were checked out of the library and not returned. Missing books, missing videos, and other types of things, not necessarily just overdue books.”


Eubank said these items are generally not pursued by the City. The cost of the fines was recently brought up by the City Attorney, Scott Bloom, as he reviewed City policies.


Eubank: “Looking at those dollar volumes and wanting to assure himself those policies are still the direction the City Council wants to go. If they’re looking to make a change, then he would put together a proposal on the best method to affect some sort of change.”

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