Les Anderson Carving to be Completed at Sawfest

Local talent in the Soldotna Progress Days Sawfest has dedicated his big project entry to recreate the Les Anderson carving which was vandalized earlier this year.


Tami Murray with the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce said they are excited for the recreation by original carver Scott Hanson.


Murray:  “He was waiting for a large log that he needed and the log he got for sawfest happen to be the perfect size so he wanted to use his entry as the Les Anderson so hes over there now starting on Les and its really starting to shape up you can really see Les in the face it’s quite interesting to watch.”


She added that the Les Anderson statue with his record king salmon will be much bigger than he was before.


Murray said the carvers of Sawfest began last night.


Murray:  “They’re all five over there as we speak going at it, and I expect some really interesting work, they’re all doing different kind of things you got Les Anderson you got a big huge massive bear, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grizzly bear so big, its got a great eagle. And then there is a really interesting fish scene. And I’m not sure whats Carmen’s doing yet, she got a late start, she just got here from Palmer so she’s just getting going but shes always pretty interesting she does some whimsical scenes we’ll be interested to see what she comes up with.”


She said throughout the weekend there will also be quick carve competitions and carvings from those will be auctioned off on Sunday.


For a full flyer and schedule of events, click here.



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