Leman Considering Options for 2014 Statewide Run

Former Alaska Lieutenant Governor, Loren Leman, is considering his options for a run for state office in 2014.

We spoke to the 10th Lieutenant Governor while on the Kenai Peninsula last week, asking if we could see his name on the ballot in the future…


Leman: “I believe so, you know, it’s a big investment to run a statewide campaign. We’ve done it before, and were are talking about it, and talking to friends, and you know, if we can put that together, then we will.


With candidates already expressing interest in the office of Lieutenant Governor, we asked Leman who held the office during the Murkowski administration if he had any words of wisdom when it comes to that office…


Leman: I’ve done the job, thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a tremendous job for Alaska, and to be able to represent Alaska. For the others, I would say, just recognize what it is, get out and mix with people, know what the job is and what the job isn’t. It isn’t being Governor, but it’s an important job to represent the state. There are some others expressing interest, and that’s a position quite frankly that we’re look at possibly of going back to that, as well as, the possibly of U.S. Senate.

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