Legislature Winding Down

The Legislature is continuing work today on the omnibus education bill and capital budget. Soldotna Rep. Kurt Olson said he expects additional funding for education in the capital bill, but it’s not yet clear how that will be included. He’s hoping the work will be finished early this afternoon…


Olson: “We kind of have bets going, not involving many but my guess is about 2:45 in the afternoon. I’d say within a half hour of that if everything falls into place would be accurate but after noon.”


This session, 601 bills were introduced, with 169 so far passing both houses. Overall, Olson said it was a productive session…


Olson: “I thought it was very good, I have a number of bills that I have been working on for several years with the exception of tone that’s going to be heard today in the Senate they got through. It’s always a good feeling when you’re putting that much time into a bill that it comes to fruition, so I’ve got no complaints at all, we’ve taken on some tough issues, the education one is, we’re not done with it by any means. We have to go back and do some statewide studies on how we allocate the money between the rural districts, the big distrcits and the medium sized districts.”


With all Peninsula representatives and senators facing re-election this year, you’ll get a chance to have your say at the polls. Reps. Olson, Seaton, and Chenault will be on the ballot, along with sophomore senator Peter Micciche, who is up again due to redistricting.

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