Legislature Holding Hearings on LNG, Alaska Railroad

The State Legislature will hold hearings today on PERS/TRS (Public Employees Retirement System/Teacher Retirement System) funding, the Alaska Railroad, rural infrastructure, and the Alaska LNG Project.


During the LNG Project hearing, Commissioners for Revenue and the Department of Natural Resources will join Dan Fauske, President of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, to review the State’s commercial agreement.


During the Governor’s State of the State address last week, Gov. Parnell said the State should be heavily involved in the project…


Gov. Parnell: “Alaska can best control her own destiny if we own a stake or participate in the Alaska LNG project. Ownership or participation in the Alaska LNG project means the state shares in the profits of the project, rather than paying them all to someone else. Ownership also means we will better understand and can more effectively negotiate and ensure the lowest possible cost.”


To view the hearings online, click here. You can also participate by visiting the Kenai LIO.

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