Legislature Continuing to Advocate BLM to Clean Up Legacy Wells

The Alaska State Legislature, this week,  passed House Joint Resolution 6 calling on the federal Bureau of Land Management to plug and remediate dozens of legacy or  “travesty well” sites in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska to protect the land, sea and wildlife.


Representative Charisse  Millet of Anchorage  has continued to advocate for the clean-up…


Rep. Millet(R-South Anchorage): “Again, we tell the federal government that not only are  we’re renaming their legacy wells, travesty wells, because that’s exactly what they are. But we’re asking them again to fund the clean up, or give the State of Alaska primacy over the wells and we’ll clean them up. This has just been going on way too long with little attention from the federal government, and we really need to push this issue. Alaskans deserve their land to be in pristine condition, and that’s the BLM’s mission statement, and they could do that right now and be heroes.”


The resolution was changed in the Senate calling the abandoned well sites “travesty wells” to better describe disastrous negligence and the environmental damage inflicted by the wells on the Arctic landscape.

HJR6 now moves to the desk of Governor Sean Parnell.

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