Late Run King Fishery Opens: No Bait

Posted: June 25, 2013 at 4:04 pm

The Kenai River Sportfishery is opening for late run King Salmon. With weak runs forecasted, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is preemptively restricting the fishery to no bait. Ryan Ragan with the Department explains…


Ragan: “July 1st, what the Fish & Game Department is doing, is we’ve released an Emergency Order prohibiting the use of bait and multiple hooks in the Kenai River, from its mouth, upstream to Skilak Lake and in the Moose River, from its confluence with the Kenai River upstream to the northernmost edge of the Sterling Hwy bridge.”


The restrictions are in effect for the full month of July. The Department says they hope these measures will reduce the need for further restrictions, but the fishery will be monitored closely. For now…


Ragan: “So, basically, the order is that anglers may only use one unbaited single hook or artificial lure.”

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