Last Minute Business Wrap-Up

For small business owners heading out the door for the year, Sam Dickey with the Small Business Administration said there are a few key things to wrap-up before you go…


Dickey: “Well they’re gonna’ want to make sure that, of course turn off the lights and drive safely, you want to make sure that any obligations they have have been taken care of – taxes to wrap-up the final for the new year. If there’s anything they can do to make sure that taxation bills are taken care of, and that any last-minute filings have been covered, and make sure that your state filings are up to date.”


Dickey said that if there’s anything which has been missed, there’s no need to panic. Many things can be taken care of very quickly and easily.


Dickey: “Many of your state filings can be done online. You go to the state website and look under the business tab and you can, through the Division of Corporations, you can file your corporate papers and update your business licenses right online, so it’s really quick.”


For more, visit: Small Business Administration.

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