Last Day for PFD Applications

State offices are closed, so you can’t call the PFD division, but you can still apply online. As of 7am today, 543,000 Alaskans have applied for their share of the state’s oil wealth.


Last year, the check was a relatively small $900, but Revenue Commissioner Angela Rodell said that will go up this year…


Rodell: “The end of Fiscal Year 2012, they had a fund balance of $40 billion, and on June 30th, 2013, we had a balance of $45 billion, so that’s a huge increase in one year and bodes well for the future of this program.”


Another bonus with this year’s PFD, the Pick.Click.Give program will double the dividend of 10 Alaskans who donate or apply via their manual entry form.


The Kenai Watershed Forum was the Peninsula’s best fundraiser in last year’s program. Jocelyn O’Connor with the Watershed Forum said there’s just one catch this year…


O’Connor: “When you Pick.Click.Give you can either choose to do it anonymously or release your name, and they’re doing it for those that actually release their name. So, for the final month of March here, if you haven’t signed up or filled out your PFD, then I would encourage you to go on, because you’ll have a chance to Pick.Click.Give and be entered to win a double your dividend.”


If you’d like to add or change a Pick.Click.Give donation, you can log in any time to the PFD website and click the green button on the right-hand side.

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