Large Sockeye and Dipnetter Rush Expected This Weekend

This weekend is expected to be busy for the Kenai River Personal Use Dipnet Fishery, as all indicators are expecting a large swell of Sockeye Salmon making it to the local area. We spoke to Robert Begich, a Sport Fisheries Biologist with the Soldotna office of Fish and Game who had some tips if you plan to take a net to the waters edge…


Begich: ” Folks need to get their permit before fishing, and their sport fishing licence if they fall within the requirement, or be named on a household permit. Folks also need to be sure of the regulations for recording and marking fish, which are stated explicitly in the reg book and on the permit itself, and folks need to record their fish on the permit before leaving the area that the fish were harvested in, or the fishing site, or the water that’s open to personal use fishing. The also need to remove both lobes of the tail before you put it a gunny sack, cooler, trash can, throw it in the bottom of the boat, before you leave the fishing site, which is the waters open to personal use fishing that the fish was harvested from.”


We asked Begich to further outline the dipnet boundaries


Begich: “For the Kenai River Personal Use Dipnet Fishery, its downstream of the Warren Ames Bridge[Bridge Access Road] to a maker just above the city dock, that’s open to dipnetting from shore and boat, and then  for just shore dipping, it from a fish and game marker downstream of the city dock to around the mouth of the river.”


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