Large Number of Applications Received for Gas in Homer

Interest is mounting as the project to bring natural gas services to the Southern Kenai Peninsula City of Homer is rolling along. We spoke to John Sims with Enstar Natual Gas…


Sims: “We have 1,000 applications that have been received, they haven’t all been installed yet. From Enstar’s perspective, considering that gas isn’t in all the streets yet, that’s a very high number, and we’re very excited about how that’s going.

During our conversation with Sims, we asked how the project has been going


Sims: “You know, pretty smooth. We’ve got some great contractors right now, UTI and Clark Management are doing a phenomenal job with the distribution systems that  kicked off here a month and a half ago, it’s been real smooth, we’ve gotten a lot of good feed back from the community.”

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