Property Owner Burns Anchor Point Trailer

A dispute between a property owner and his would-be tenant escalated as 33-year-old Trevor Cole allegedly set fire to the trailer left sitting on his Anchor Point property.


Firefighters arrived around 9pm on December 26 to battle the blaze on Chakok Ave, but the live-in style trailer was already fully engulfed by the time they arrived.


Troopers weren’t able to find anyone on the property or contact the property owner, later identified as Trevor Cole of Anchor Point.


Megan Peters with State Troopers…


Peters: “The person who owned the trailer did have permission from Cole to park it on the property; however, there was some type of falling out and at that point, Cole set fire to the trailer. After he set fire to it, he did flee from the scene, and Troopers contacted him, essentially walking away a little bit later.”


After the fire had been extinguished, Troopers found Cole walking away from the property along North Fork Road. Cole had a rifle and a concealed handgun, and refused to allow Troopers to secure them during the interaction. Cole was arrested for misconduct involving weapons.


During the investigation which followed, Troopers learned that the trailer belonged to a third party who had left it on Cole’s property with his permission. After a disagreement between the two, Cole allegedly set fire the trailer and fled the scene. He had been hiding in the woods until the fire department left.


At the time of his arrest, Cole was also found in possession of an undisclosed amount of marijuana. He was taken to Homer Jail without bail on the charges of Arson 2nd, Misconduct involving weapons 5th, and Misconduct involving a controlled substance 6th.

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