Lake Clark National Park Fire Officially Out

The State Division of Forestry officially declared the Current Creek fire “out” as of yesterday, August 25.


The fire started June 26 with a lightning strike in Lake Clark National Park and burned 1,869 acres including forested areas along the Lake Clark shoreline.


Forestry officials say 2013 was an active wildfire season in the National Park, with the Kristin Creek Fire burning 17,000 acres during the last two weeks of June.


Subsistence Program Manager Mary McBurney says: “Given the park’s recent fire history, we can no longer ask if fires will ignite again in Lake Clark, but when. Be proactive and prepare your home for future fires by being Firewise. ”


While the destruction left by the fire is easily seen by boat or plane, McBurney said the are will regenerate over time and “create high quality habitat for a variety of species, including moose and furbearers.”

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