Lake and Pen Air Debuting in Kenai

Lake and Pen Air now has a desk at the Kenai Airport. We spoke to Sara Pozonsky with the airline, who said they’re already running daily flights…


Pozonsky: “Basically, we’re just thrilled to be here. We fly over Kenai most every day anyway, so Kenai’s a natural place for us to open up and we just have a unique schedule where we fly to, and hoping that people will attempt to fly to southwest Alaska and get to know their state a little better.”


Pozonsky said the grand opening will be held June 7th, where members of the community and local politicians have been invited to formally open the airline. You can also learn more about their schedule…


Pozonsky: “We fly daily flights from Kenai to Anchorage and back, between there every day. We also fly to Port Alsworth, Iliamna, basically the Lake Clark and Lake Iliamna areas, we’re flying to villages and we also offer charters. So we have seat fares going every day to Port Alsworth, Iliamna, those areas and to Anchorage, and then we also do charters for hunting or for businesses that need charters, we’re available for that.” 

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