Labor Talks Continuing Between Borough and Union

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Administration and employee union are continuing their labor negotiations. We got an update on that process from Borough Mayor Mike Navarre…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “You know, the current status of that, is that we’re still in discussions. The last meeting, I guess we hadn’t reached agreement, that’s the best I can say at this point. We haven’t reached agreement yet, we’ll continue to work on that, hopefully we’ll get there. Sooner or later.”


Navarre said that, as with the School District negotiations, healthcare has become a sticking point


KPB Mayor Navarre: “Healthcare is clearly a big sticking point in negotiations at every level, in the public sector and the private sector, so it’s something that’s clearly a big big item. Then of course, the cost of living that things like that are always increasing.”


We will continue to provide updates on the labor talks, as they’re made available.

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