KSRM Week In Review 07/21-07/25

The KSRM News Department compiled some of the top stories from this past week.


Monday 07/21


First Antique Fair A ‘Beautiful’ Experience, KPC Dorms Growing in Popularity, KPBSD Working on App, Emergency Protocols, Bidding for Remainder of Johnson Lake Campground Underway


Tuesday 07/22


ENSTAR To Front Public Hearing on Price Rise, Furie Stepping Closer to Fall Monopod Production, Fish Waste Looking Better Each Year, Borough Assembly to Address Bed Tax, Vote by Mail.



Wednesday 07/23


Bed Tax on Ballot Passes, Possibly Up for Reconsideration Aug 5; Vote By Mail Resolution and Ordinance Reconsidered



Thursday 07/24


 Set Net Ban Approved In Court, As of Saturday, King Fishing Closed in Cook Inlet, Kenai River, LNG Project Won’t Unveil Details of Agreement, Forestry Checks Torpedo Lake Area


Friday 07/25


Birch Ridge Making History, Still Negotiating Sale; Beaver Loop Project Works Past Another Opening Goal; Uncertain Salmon Numbers Prevent 24 hour Dip Net Period

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