KSRM Debate Forum Kicks Off Tomorrow

Posted: September 23, 2013 at 5:02 pm

The KSRM Debate Forum begins tomorrow throughout Friday and will be broadcast on KSRM 920 AM.


The current debate schedule is as follows.


Tuesday, Sept 24th – Kenai City Council – 9am Soundoff:
Terry Bookey
Brian Gabriel Sr.
Mark Schrag


Tuesday, Sept 24th – Soldotna Seat B – 10am Soundoff:

Dave Carey
Meggan Bos


Wednesday – Sept 25th – Soldotna Seat E – 9am Soundoff:
Paul Whitney
Keith Baxter


Wednesday Sept 25th – Nikiski Borough – 10am Soundoff:

Wayne Ogle
Steve Chamberlain


Thursday – Sept 26th – Kenai Mayor – 9am Soundoff:

Pat Porter
Bob Molloy


Thursday – Sept 26th – Central Borough – 10am Soundoff:

Brent Johnson
Travis Swanson
Damon Yerly


Friday – Sept 27th – Soldotna Borough – 9am Soundoff:

Linda Murphy
Dale Bagley



This is the current schedule for the candidate forum however, this schedule is subject to change based on guest availability.

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One Comment to “KSRM Debate Forum Kicks Off Tomorrow”

  • Steve Wright says:

    Mon. 9/23/13 THANK YOU KSRM for providing this opportunity to Listen to the Candidates.
    I have already sent my Questions for these Candidates to Duane with the hope those will actually be asked of the Candidates. Their Answers will determine Who I will Vote for on Oct. 1st,2013. SPW