KRSA Says Most of the River is a Spawning Ground

As the debate over King Salmon escapement continues, fingers have been pointed at sportsfishermen catching Kings on their spawning grounds.


We asked Ricky Gease, Executive Director of Kenai River Sportfishing Association, if this is done…


Gease: “Well on the early run there is no fishing on the spawning beds, because they’re tributary spawners, and the tributaries are closed for spawning, and for the most part on the early run, the spawning habitat is pristine in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.”


We asked Gease about the late-run Kings, which is the run currently in progress…


Gease: “Well the whole river from Skilak Lake on down is a potential spawning area, so if you’re going to have, you know, the Department takes into account the number of fish that are harvested above the sonar¬†counter and we have escapement goals and I think it’s appropriate to be fishing on fish as long as the harvest above the sonar counter doesn’t drop the number of fish below the minimum escapement goal.”

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