KRSA Explains Their Position Against Vince Webster

Lobbyists in Juneau represent specific interests, and this week five representational lobbyists from Kenai River Sportfishing Association were successful this week in removing Vince Webster from the Alaska Board of Fish.


Ricky Gease is the Executive Director for the charitable non-profit, we asked Mr. Gease why KRSA focused specifically on Webster, when fellow Board Member Tom Kluberton participated in the actions KRSA cited for Webster.


Gease: “So there was a series of events where one thing had been talked about in the public process, and another thing, through the use of substitute language, was presented to the Board and played out. So that’s the part we had objected to.”


Gease said the problem in RC 88, which you can view here, was that Webster called for the Personal Use fishery to close to king retention before any other fishery took a hit.


Gease: “The Task Force was designed to find that best mix of what allowable fishing could occur, but at no time did anybody recommend that the personal use fishery would bear the first hit and nobody else would.”


Five of KRSA’s Board Members spent several weeks in Juneau conducting meetings for a quarter of the legislative session.

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