KPTMC: Local Area Needs to Look Beyond Fish

By all accounts, the local area saw good numbers when it came to this year’s tourist season. During our conversation with Shanon Hamrick, Executive Director of the Kenai  Penisnula Tourism Marketing Council, the topic of diversification was brought up again…


Hamrick: “Well we need to continue to diversify, especially with the impact from our fisheries. The number one reason people come to Alaska is for our mountains, our glaciers, and our wildlife, so the more opportunities we have for people to get out and experience those types of things, really touch Alaska and feel it, the better off we are. Also infrastructure needs, it’s been on my wishlist for a long time to have a really great convention center in the central area of the Kenai Peninsula, and I think that could have a huge impact on bringing groups here on the shoulder seasons.”

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