KPD Arrest Soldotna Woman for Felony DUI and Endangering Welfare of Child

Posted: June 10, 2013 at 7:25 am

Saturday June 8th at 6:38pm officers with the Kenai Police received a report of a dangerous driver parked at Holiday Gas station.

As a result, police responded and subsequently arrested 26-year-old Britney M. Baier of Soldotna for Felony DUI and Endangering Welfare of Child in the 1st degree.

She was transported to Wildwood Pretrial Facility.

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5 Comments to “KPD Arrest Soldotna Woman for Felony DUI and Endangering Welfare of Child”

  • Trina Hall says:

    I believe before you publicly voice a story that you get your facts straight. The officer was on the phone with her ( Britney Baiers) attorney and he told the cop that it was her second offense. It was not a felony and has been just with the court system.

  • Knows how to read... says:

    5/24/2011 – 2nd DUI
    9/07/2008 – 1st DUI
    That makes this #3 and that me dear makes it a felony. Perhaps you should look up things before you go slamming the journalists who’s only job is to inform the public. If you look up this young woman’s driving record you would see that she should really NOT be driving. Irresponsibility is written all over it!!!

  • LoveLife says:

    The FACT is she had a child in the car while she was driving intoxicated! HELLO!! Ms. Hall you are upset that they wrote the “story” as a felony charge without checking facts. What you should be upset about is the FACT she had her daughter in the car while she was driving intoxicated. WOW

  • Al says:

    That kid is my niece and I hope that piece of garbage rots for life. You should be beaten for endangering or hurting a kid and you should be beaten for trying to justify it!

  • LoveLife says:

    This family continues to enable this person. She is not accountable for her actions nor her children. If fact she is pregnant again. I sure hope and pray the courts take all these children away from her. All children deserve good parents who care, love and protect them. Not continue to neglect, drive under the influence of drugs/alcohol and have no regards for their childs safety. Makes me sick! Not all parents deserve children and she is one who does not.